Know when to stop


The American Anorexia and Bulimia Association states that 1,000 people who suffer from anorexia die. states that between 5% and 20% of people who develop the disease eventually die from it.

  Don't be one of those people. You need to understand when to stop. Do NOT

keep starving everyday when you are skinny. A skeleton is not attractive,

but some bones are. You still need to take care of your muscles, or you

will virtually be a dying skeleton. We do not wish this for anyone. If you have

enough control to starve, then you have enough control to learn to eat again, or

enough control to know when to stop eating so the weight does not come back.

Set a goal weight, and learn to maintain from there. It can be scary, thinking you

will gain weight. You will not gain weight if you plan a maintenance schedule. What you should do is lose a few lbs

lower than your original goal, because you will gain a couple lbs (not fat) from eating again. This is only because

there is food in your system again. We do not encourage people who just want to "try" this. This is for people who

already have been dealing with this for years. We do NOT want to help people start, but we support the people

who already have. If you believe your eating disorder is out of your control, get help immediately.

                                            Example of a maintenance diet ( 1,000-1,400 calories)

Do not eat at least five hours before you go to sleep. If you are working out, you can add that to your schedule. You can adjust this schedule to fit yours better, and even subtract some calories from meals to make snacks. Try to keep the calories you consume as healthy as possible. Also, try to keep your meals about 4-5 hours apart.
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