We are a Pro-Ana website. We are here to support and help each other. This website is different than typical Pro-Ana sites, because we will be posting pictures of our body EVERYDAY. This is so we know we have friends who are rooting for us, which gives us motivation. Along with your pictures, you need to weigh yourself everyday, and write down what you eat. We will add this to your daily pictures you submit to us. E-mail us your "Day 1" photo, along with your starting weight, and nickname at:
Pro-Ana-Buddy@hotmail.com. Continue e-mailing us your updated daily diet, picture, and weight, and we will keep everyone's shrinking pictures updated!

Join us! And watch us lose!

We are not pro Mia and we do not encourage it. Mia does NOT make you lose weight, it makes you gain. It also will make your face puffy if you vomit too much, while Ana has the opposite effect.

If you do not agree on this lifestyle/choice then please leave.
If you hate pro Ana so much then why did you go to this site in the first place?

We hope you all find it helpful and inspiring :) Best wishes to you all <3 xoxo
Skitty and Secret