Fasting can be a great way to detox your body, but can also have a downside:
-Your metabolism slows down after day 2.Therefore, you should decide when to end it
-Start with eating a little amount of calories such as 100 and then up it up slowly to where you want to be, so your metabolism follow      and you don't gain your weight back
-You are expected to lose up to 4 pounds the first few days of a fast but then average is 1 pound a day
-The first 3 days are the hardest
-Day 3 is typical where you will feel most hungry and have most cravings
-After day 5 the hunger is drastically reduced, and it is either completely gone or barely noticeable after day 10
                                                 -You should never fast more than 15 days without letting anyone know your doing it
                                                 -You should keep water on you at all times

500 Calorie Diet

 500 Calorie diet is probably the most successful extremely low calorie diet. You can eat what you want (within the calorie limit range of course), and lose up to 1lb a day!

Secret's Milky Diet

Recipe: 1 piece of rugbrød/high fiber toast
Cut the bread in 4 pieces
Take a slice of ham or cheese or other things like it, and cut it into 4 pieces so it matches the bread pieces.
You can also take cheese on two pieces, and ham on the last two.

Breakfast: 1 piece of the bread with ham or cheese and 1 cup of low fat milk
Launch: 1 piece of the bread with ham or cheese and 1 cup of low fat milk
Dinner: 1 piece of the bread with ham or cheese and 1 cup of low fat milk
Snack: 1 piece of the bread with ham or cheese.
calories per day: 300 - 400
You can expect to lose up to 6 or more pounds a week

Grape Diet

The grape diet is a simple diet. You can eat up to 1lb of grapes a day! Enjoy!

Raw Juicing

Even people who do not consider themselves "pro ana" do this diet. It is considered to be an extremely healthy way of detoxing your body. You need a juicer, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.
The best fruits and veggies to juice:
-Lemons (peeled)
-Ginger/Garlic (for flavoring)

 .... And anything else that you would like :) Just remember to drink juice when you are hungry, and water when you are thirsty.